Get Involved!

‘Getting involved’ in the work of the LIC Climate Coalition, and the fight for responsible development in LIC entails two important, reciprocal steps – GETTING EDUCATED and TAKING ACTION. LIC Climate Coalition aims to support community members in pursuing both tasks. 

Get Educated!

  • See the sidebar to learn more about the developments we’re most concerned about.
  • Learn more about what experts say about the future of NYC with respect to climate change and global warming, and what cities around the world, including NYC, are doing to prepare for by checking out our Learn page.
  • Check out our Glossary of acronyms and technical terms pertinent to development in NYC. 

Take Action!

  • Check out our Call to Action page to what we’re concerned about, why and what we’re planning to do about it.
  • Sign the LIC Coalition’s petition against the 44th Drive development.

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