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Civil society benefits greatly from the engagement of residents from all walks of life to discuss a wide range of subjects important to the quality and viability of our neighborhoods, city, state, country and world. Over the years, individuals have come together around matters of common concern to study problems, propose solutions and monitor the course of action taken by those responsible for public policy formulation and implementation. Each of the associations listed holds an important educational or advocacy role not only in the course of studying problems, but also in raising awareness among the general population.

Court Square Civic Association
The Court Square Civic Association is a resident-led group that advocates for the interests of residents and businesses in the fast-growing Court Square neighborhood. We champion a holistic approach to development that takes into account crucial infrastructure such as transportation, green space, and schools. Through our efforts, we hope to create a more livable neighborhood. 

Hunters Point Civic Association
Dedicated to improving the quality of life in Hunters Point, it creates forums and opportunities for its community to connect with each other as well as with our elected representatives in order to advocate for responsible development, contribute to charity and participate in social activities. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity.

Hunters Point Community Coalition, Inc.
Working since 1995 to promote community-based planning and organize citizen participation in the planning and redevelopment of LIC; disseminates information and provides technical assistance including but not limited to environmental planning and protection. A nonprofit charity under 501(c)(3) IRS ruling.

Justice for All Coalition
Formed in 2016 in Astoria/Long Island City to address community needs related to housing, jobs and other concerns, especially the proposed rezoning in our neighborhood. As our community continues to face increasing development pressures, we are joining together with other residents, faith communities, labor organizations and community groups to assure that development actually benefits the current residents. Our mission is to inform, educate and organize the community to become proactive regarding zoning, development and other quality of life issues impacting our neighborhoods.

LIC Climate Coalition
An association of residents, businesses and community leaders dedicated to ensuring responsible development in a rapidly changing environment that protects and preserves the existing community while supporting evolving and changing land uses.

LIC Coalition
A community driven progressive group that works to promote change at the local, state and national level; serves as an educator, resource and connector for information, action and events helpful for transforming the community’s ideas into actions.

Queens Action Council
Since 2013 works to amplify the voices of Western Queens to raise awareness, and collectively to build a more just and sustainable food landscape from the ground up. Its pillars are hunger, urban agriculture, youth engagement, arts & culture, and retail.

PTJ LIC Coalition 12.12.2017



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